Our Curriculum

School Counselors have many ethical and professional responsibilities. We also work to ensure that our students acquire many developmentally appropriate academic, career, and personal/social related skills.

We, along with the other school counselors in Baltimore County Public Schools, are currently working on aligning our programs with the ASCA National Model.

School counselors provide prevention and early intervention measures to address the academic, career, and social-emotional development of all students. We do this with classroom lessons, small group curricula, and individual planning sessions.

We are trained as counselors with an emphasis on planning, implementing, and evaluating a comprehensive school counseling curriculum. Our time is best spent delivering services to students and their families, and consulting with stakeholders to determine what is in the best interest of students.

We are not test administrators, master schedulers, de facto classroom substitutes, hall, bus, or lunchroom monitors, or full-time case managers for IEPs or 504 plans, even though we are happy to contribute our fair share of the school responsibility along with our colleagues.